Hi! My name’s Hilary and I’m the owner of Highwater Filters, provider of some of the best water filters on the market. We started out offering only Katadyn water filters, but quickly expanded to offer mostly USA made water treatment products. We continue to strive to find quality water treatment products made in the US that don’t rely on electricity and emphasize portability.

I have been an environmental activist for over 30 years and a water activist for close to 20. I’ve been an active officer and board member of Citizens for a Clean Columbia (www.cleancolumbia.org)  since 1999. I believe clean water should be a priority world-wide. I hope to be able to do my small part to make water drinkable where it otherwise might not be.

The photo on this blog is one I took while canoeing on the upper Columbia River near my home. I am fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of America and close to Canada. But I’ve always felt that every place on Earth is within walking distance to unique and wonderful places. I traveled extensively in my younger days, but now believe in enjoying the pleasures closer to home.

Thanks for taking an interest in my blog!

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  1. avatar Kyle Boettger says:

    Great price on the SP191…it’s in my cart. But I thought I would just check with the expert (YOU!) on whether the Sawyer SP191 is the best product to protect my family in the event of a world-gone-crazy scenario. I’m here in AZ. I’ve got tons of water bottles but if those run out and I’m having to grab water from swimming pools, lakes, etc. I liked the .02 filtering compared to the 0.1 but then I started reading your posts on TRAP filters and started thinking I might need something like that in addition. But if there’s no water pressure, only gravity feeding the SP191 then how can I incorporate? So I’m asking before I place my order for the SP191. Could you send your response to email as I might not check your blog for a while. Once confirmed, I can order the necessary stuff. thx

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